Full day training course

Copy Tactics and Optimization

Small text changes, big wins

A simple line of copy can encourage customers to self-help instead of calling customer service, persuade them to give you more information about themselves, or start interacting online with your company or brand.

This tutorial will give you 24 sets of inspirational examples of quick copy fixes you could implement tomorrow, all with a specific business advantages. These text-only fixes typically don't require any programming, visual design, or layout changes.


The text-only fixes we’ll share are grouped into 6 themed areas, each with four sets of case studies.

  • First impressions
    • Meta descriptions
    • Home pages, landing pages, and About Us pages
  • Forms
    • Contextual help
    • Text supporting conversion/uplift
    • Plain language terms and conditions
  • Email messages: Newsletters and transactional messages
    • Subscription process
    • Subject lines
    • Retaining subscribers
    • Unsubscribe process
  • Copy for small spaces
    • Buttons
    • Mobile sites
    • Tweets
    • Text alerts
  • Customer service copy
    • Encourage self-help online
  • Four copy opportunities you may be overlooking


The course is mainly in lecture format with opportunities for group discussions. 

The course also includes:

  • Case studies and data that illustrate the effects of copy-only changes
  • Screenshots of copy changes that work and don’t work, and why
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers


Catherine Toole

Catherine Toole is the founder and CEO of the British digital copywriting agency Sticky Content. A former press journalist, she has spent the past 15 years specializing in Web, email, mobile, and social media content projects for a wide range of clients, agencies, and government departments. Sticky Content has provided content strategy, web writing training, auditing and copywriting services to clients such as Belron (Autoglass), Sage, Post Office®, Sony Europe, Lloyds TSB, John Lewis Partnership and Virgin Atlantic. A well-known speaker in the UK, Catherine has an expert content blog on Econsultancy and sits on the executive committee of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA).