Vol. 01: E-Commerce User Behavior and Executive Summary for the Series

3rd Edition

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Part of the E-Commerce User Experience Series

This 76-page report summarizes the most-important findings, guidelines, and concepts from the entire e-commerce report series and provides essential information about how people shop online. Behavioral analysis, study metrics, and essential findings are combined to create a complete overview of shopping behavior and best practices. This is the report to read if you (and your boss) don’t have time to read the entire series.


  • Overcoming weaknesses of online shopping
  • Addressing user hesitations about shopping online
  • Online shopping processes 
  • Designing for different types of shopper
    • The browsers
    • The researchers, detail-oriented
    • The bargain hunters, price conscience
    • Product-focused shoppers, task oriented
    • One-time shoppers
  • Homepages and category pages
    • Welcoming Homepages
    • Presenting a clear structure
    • Cross-referencing
    • Featured or full Inventory
    • Providing product Information
    • Product comparisons
    • Sorting through options
  • Product pages
    • Full product details
    • Consistency between products
    • Customer reviews
    • Adding items to the cart
  • Shopping cart, checkout and registration
    • Shopping cart as dressing Room
    • Clear checkout path
    • Optional registration
    • Money matters
    • Shipping options
  • Search (including faceted search)
    • Search behavior
    • Search as feedback
    • Scoped search
    • Narrowing the choices: faceted search
  • Customer service
    • Easy to find
    • A good site experience
    • Getting in touch
    • Clear, and customer friendly, policies
  • Selling strategies
    • Clear pricing
    • When will it arrive
    • Free shipping
    • Welcome back
    • You might also like...
  • Trust and credibility
    • Appearance is everything
    • Privacy and security
    • Performance and errors
    • Availability
  • International users
    • Forms and data
    • No local support

Research Method

The information in this report is based on two separate rounds of e-commerce studies, including:

  • One-on-one usability testing
  • Diary-based longitudinal study
  • Eyetracking

Representative users tested 206 e-commerce websites. The studies took place in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and China (Hong Kong).

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Vol. 01: E-Commerce User Behavior and Executive Summary for the Series

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Vol. 01: E-Commerce User Behavior and Executive Summary for the Series

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