Topic: Email

Mobile Email Newsletters

October 22, 2012

Mobile use strengthens email marketing's benefits by offering ubiquitous newsletter access, but it also introduces new usability limitations for template design.

UK Election Email Newsletters Rated

April 26, 2010

The main British parties' email newsletters have higher usability scores than we found for US political newsletters in our last evaluation.

Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages

October 20, 2008

Automated email can improve customer service, strengthen relationships, and help websites bypass search engines. But most messages fared poorly in user testing and didn't fulfill this potential.

Bush vs. Kerry: Email Newsletters Rated

September 20, 2004

Both candidates for president of the United States offer email newsletters with much good content to excite supporters, but miserable subscription interfaces and several other usability problems.

Targeted Email Newsletters Show Continued Strength

February 17, 2004

E-newsletters that are informative, convenient, and timely are often preferred over other media. However, a new study found that only 11% of newsletters were read thoroughly, so layout and content scannability are paramount.

Email Newsletters Pick Up Where Websites Leave Off

September 30, 2002

Users have highly emotional reactions to newsletters which feel much more personal than websites. In usability testing, success rates were high for subscribe and unsubscribe tasks, but users were frustrated by newsletters that demanded too much of their time.

Protecting the User's Mailbox

March 17, 2002

Email is a powerful way to reach customers, but overdoing it is risky. Let users know up front that you'll respect their mailboxes. Otherwise, they won't give their email addresses, and you'll lose a unique channel for marketing and customer service.

Mailing List Usability

August 20, 2000

Mailing list content must be ultra-short. Provide separate email addresses for subscribing and unsubscribing and include info on how to get off in every mailing list message. Improved usability increased subscriptions by 128% in one case study.

Reputation Managers are Happening

September 5, 1999

Epinions and Google join eBay in maintaining independent ratings of the quality of products, websites, and auction sellers, leading to better customer service and helping users make informed buying decisions.