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Build skills and get up to speed on UX best practices.

All-day, immersive training courses teach practical skills and offer design recommendations that you can apply immediately.

Why Attend Usability Week?

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Announcing Nielsen Norman Group UX Certification

Nielsen Norman Group UX Certification reinforces and tests the user-experience abilities and knowledge gained in NN/g courses. Boost your credibility by being UX Certified by internationally-recognized experts. To create the highest-caliber experience, the same NN/g consultants who conduct the research that informs the course curricula also teach the courses and write the certification exams. Differentiate yourself further with UX Master Certification or optional Specialties to deepen your expertise in any of the following topics: Interaction Design, Mobile Design, UX Research, and Web Design. 

In-House Training

Bring NN/g usability training instructors to your company. In-house UX training is ideal for:

  • Large teams that want to spread user experience perspective throughout the organization
  • Teams working on large projects that need to kickstart the creative process and head in the right direction


Training Video: Paper Prototyping

Learn how to build paper prototypes and get early usability feedback from real users. Purchase for $68 (instant download).

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