Full day training course offered at Usability Week New York City

The Human Mind and Usability

Apply psychology principles to predict and explain how your customers think and act

Behavior is strongly influenced by unconscious thought, but it is often more predictable than you might expect. Understanding the foundations of human cognition will help explain and anticipate user behavior.

If you’re involved in interface design and don’t have formal training in psychology or human factors, your work will benefit from understanding the theory that determines which designs work best.

We draw examples from websites and web-based applications, but these principles also apply to software and hardware.

"Loved it! I now have pointers to learn about theories/principles to answer the "why can't the user get it?" Or, "why does the user like this?" question."

Chinmay Panchal

Attendee Feedback

"This course struck an engaging balance between cognitive principles and actionable examples."
"I have a psychology background but know very little about usability. It was very interesting to see how these principles apply to UX."
"I enjoyed getting a chance to re-visit and learn more about cognitive psych and how it impacts user experience. It's not often we get to discuss these topics, even though we utilize them everyday."
"I think this is a course for not only designers but for project managers/business analysts as well. Gave insights as to how to look at what would work well for the user, not simply the organization."
"I really enjoyed the real life examples - what companies did poorly w/ certain concepts and where companies excelled. It will be helpful to take back to my job and put the concepts to practical use."


Raluca Budiu

Raluca Budiu is a Senior Researcher with Nielsen Norman Group. At NN/g she consults for clients from a variety of industries and presents tutorials on mobile and tablet usability, cognitive psychology for designers, and principles of human computer interaction. She coauthored the NN/g reports on tablet usability, mobile usability, iPad usability, and the usability of children's websites, and the book "Mobile Usability". Raluca also served as a judge for GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2012-2014 and Tabby Awards 2013. She holds a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. Read more about Raluca