Full day training course offered at Usability Week San Francisco

Web Page UX Design: Optimizing Pages to Deliver on Business Goals

Designing successful web pages by identifying objectives and applying the right design principles to support them.

The web page is the most basic and foundational unit of the web.  Often we spend a lot of time designing complex website elements such as navigation and user journeys, without ever evaluating the effectiveness of the individual pages themselves.  Whether a landing page, a product page, or any other page type, each web page should be built with a purpose and a goal for the business as well as delivering on the user’s needs and expectations. Understanding the key design considerations that collectively create an effective web page for you and your customers is critical. 

In this course we specifically dissect page design and the principles that influence the extent to which a page contributes to both the business objectives and user goals of a website. We will discuss in detail common page types and the design considerations that contribute to their success.  Some of these concepts include: guiding the user to important content through visual design, appropriate use of imagery, and choosing effective layouts.

"If you want to learn how to clean up your web pages to attract more viewers this course will help a lot! You do not want to overload consumers, clean and clear is key!"

Samantha Spacone, Graphic Designer
PromGirl, LLC

Please note: This course focuses on web page design, and does not cover interactive tools or web-based applications. If you are designing web applications, please consider our course on Application Design for Web and Desktop.


Kara McCain

For more than 13 years, Kara McCain has been creating innovative brand and user experiences in the search, social media, luxury, hotel, travel, telecommunications, jewelry, professional sports, e-commerce, government and food service industries. Her expertise has allowed her to develop and implement highly successful Web and print design strategies for top Fortune 500 companies. Read more about Kara