Full day training course offered at Usability Week London

Content Strategy: Day 2

Use formats and guidelines to create strong cross-media content and define your tone of voice

Strong, repeatable copy formats enable content creators to efficiently produce usable, accessible, and “on brand” content that consistently meets business objectives. This course covers how to create clear, foolproof format guidelines that are easy for everyone to use, including those who aren’t professional writers.

This course is recommended for attendees who need to create or oversee the production of content and want to ensure that quality and consistency is maintained.

Topics covered

  • Content strategy: From theory to practice
    • Implementing a new content plan
    • Identifying content improvements and new content needs
  • Formats and guidelines
    • The business case for formats
    • Attributes of great Web copy formats
    • How to write sample formats and get people to use them
    • Copy formats for email, mobile, and social media
    • Rolling out new formats using execution guidelines
    • How to publish better content
  • Explore techniques for developing a tone of voice and using it consistently across platforms
    • Messaging strategy
    • Information design
    • Language choices
    • Examples from companies and organizations across platforms


This course is an interactive lecture. Through in-depth exercises, you will learn to apply and practice new principles and techniques.
The course also includes:

  • Screenshots with content that works and doesn’t work, and why
  • Tools and templates for developing content formats and brand tone of voice
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers

Companion Course

Content Strategy: Day 1 is a companion course to Content Strategy: Day 2. Each course can be taken independently. Content Strategy: Day 1 covers:

  • Building a business case for investing in content strategy
  • The step-by-step process to produce a content strategy for your web, email, mobile and social media content.
  • How to expand your strategy to incorporate offline materials and other marketing collateral
  • How to audit your existing web copy


Catherine Toole

Catherine Toole is the founder and CEO of the British digital copywriting agency Sticky Content. A former press journalist, she has spent the past 15 years specializing in Web, email, mobile, and social media content projects for a wide range of clients, agencies, and government departments. Sticky Content has provided content strategy, web writing training, auditing and copywriting services to clients such as Belron (Autoglass), Sage, Post Office®, Sony Europe, Lloyds TSB, John Lewis Partnership and Virgin Atlantic. A well-known speaker in the UK, Catherine has an expert content blog on Econsultancy and sits on the executive committee of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA).