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2008 Intranet Design Awards

January 1, 2008

Congratulations to the 2008 Intranet Design Annual Award recipients!

Bank of America

Bank of America's intranet users benefit from a powerful feature set that is specifically tailored for each of them. The redesigned intranet saved more than 10,000 hours for Bank of America associates in its first year of adoption. It has also become the primary source for information and tools that drive productivity and revenue gains.

Bankinter S.A.

Offering an informative intranet is one thing, but doing that and making it look great is far more difficult. Bankinter has achieved both. It provides content and tools that people really need, and does so in an interface that is both uncomplicated and visually attractive.

The Bankinter intranet design team: Fernando De Pablo (far left) and David Heras (far right) are experts in designing, transforming, adapting, and creating new images using the most innovative techniques. Julia Ortiz (center) and Francisco Morales (third from left) design functional analysis for all sites, applying suitable usability, design, and navigability to meet user needs. Francisco García (second from left), Director of Internal Clients Project Management. Pilar de Terán (not pictured), Director of User Experience.


Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble designers meld bold choices with a soft color palette to create a very useful intranet for booksellers and corporate users alike. In working to support the booksellers, designers created a community among these professionals by promoting store events, sharing best practices, and recognizing exceptional booksellers.

The Barnes & Noble intranet team: John Daidone, Director of Content Management; Alexander Greenberg, Senior Systems Analyst; John Hoge, Systems Analyst; Thomas Williams, Director of Web Services; Kimberly Miu, Internal Communications Specialist.


British Airways

Employee Self Service at British Airways is helping (and pleasing) BA employees with vast offerings of services and information online and at their disposal, at home or around the world, at any time. And the communication and cost savings are pleasing the mangers at the organization.

The BA intranet team: (from left, back to front ) Julia Bend, Penny Quilty, Richard Simpson, Nimmira Juma, Alan Porter, Madhu Manning, Tracey Wallin, Charlotte Glover, Pat Harrison, Delia Steven, Yinsan Pang, Baljit Rihal, Dave Howkins, Allen Huish, and Gary Clark.


Campbell Soup Company

Campbell's intranet team, armed with user research and ingenuity, was able to create a large-scale, customizable intranet that communicates and unifies the whole organization while still respecting all of the brands under the main umbrella.

The TandemSeven team: (left to right) Lawrence Najjar (interaction design), Paul Eisen (interaction design), Arnaud Jammaers (visual design), and Frank Donofrio (visual design).


Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

Coldwell Banker designers took a practical approach to design, precisely adhering to what they know to be their users' needs. The applications and task-based navigation demonstrate and verify how very user-focused the intranet team was when they designed this site.

The Coldwell Banker and Kinesis Marketing Teams: Front row (from left): Jocelyne Issa, Coldwell Banker, Manager Franchise Marketing; Pam Holland, Kinesis, Program Management; Sandy Sklareski, Coldwell Banker, Director Franchise Marketing; Lisa Madden, Coldwell Banker, Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing; Back row (from left): Jo Stapleton, Kinesis, Partner, Program Management; Gordon Miller, Kinesis, Partner, Creative Director; Larry Latore, Kinesis, Design; Helen Galasso, Coldwell Banker, VP Interactive Marketing.

The Modus Associates and Bootstrap Software Teams: Front row (from left): Front row (from left): Sara Hohn, Nicole Cadoret, Kristen Kulenych, and Scott McDonald, Modus Associates; Mark Udit, Leonid Brodsky, Jeff Chew, Kristina H. Vogel-An, and Dhanya Madhu, Bootstrap Software. Back row (from left): Jessica Ong, Zoe Holtzman, David Bottomley, Paul Batchis, Jeff Guarente, Jade Rothman, and Andy Laird, Bootstrap Software. Not pictured: Jay Erickson, Bootstrap Software.


IKEA North America Services LLC

Many small touches add up to one major upbeat success in the IKEA US intranet. The small IKEA US intranet team worked hard under strict budgetary constraints and some (albeit good) design dictations from above to turn what could be an unconstructive situation into one that fosters collaboration and communication.

The IKEA North America team: (from left) Brian Wasson, HR Communicator; Beth Gleba, Internal Information Manager; Karla Shafer, Intranet Web Editor; and Luz Morales, Intranet Writer.


Ministry of Transport (New Zealand)

The New Zealand Ministry of Transport intranet makes it effortless to communicate research work and news across the organization. The design team achieved this effortless communication by applying sound information architecture and considering user tasks and simplicity. And they were able to do this while still promoting the transportation theme in subtle and pleasant ways across the site.

The Ministry of Transport team: (from left) Jasmin Wilkins, Project Manager (Provoke Solutions); Martin D’Souza, Senior IT Advisor (Ministry of Transport); Isha Hartono, User Interface Integration (Provoke Solutions); Claire Johnstone, General Manager Corporate (Ministry of Transport); Murray Wills, IT Manager (Ministry of Transport); Zef Fugaz, Information Architecture (Provoke Solutions); Ari Bakker, MOSS Consultant (Provoke Solutions); Hamish Denston, Intranet Project Manager (Ministry of Transport); Ian Oliver, Account Manager (Provoke Solutions).


New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

NSW DPI offers a wide range of services, and its intranet helps enormously in supporting the very diverse set of workers who deliver them. With an abundance of news, plus very elegantly designed forms, workers can effortlessly give and receive information. This exchange of ideas is all made possible through InSite, NSW’s robust yet simple intranet.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries team: (left) Penny Wheeler, Web Content Officer, and (right) Kate Needham, Manager, Internal Communications.



SAP designers took deliberate steps to ensure that employees will know where they're going and will get the specific information they need on the redesigned SAP Portal. Research, innovation, and risk-taking — plus an eye toward leading the user — make the SAP intranet one that employees can use to be productive and informed no matter what their organizational role.