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2014 Intranet Design Award Winners

January 5, 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 Intranet Design Annual Award winners!

Abt Associates, Inc.

The Abt Associates intranet team set the goal to “create a smooth, seamless, and personalized experience for users that makes them feel welcome; encourage them to contribute insights to foster continuous learning; and, with mobile technology, enable them to access everything, no matter their location.” The team’s “virtual hallway” was a giant endeavor that works tirelessly to connect employees around the world — effectively, thoroughly, and equally.

Abt Associates AGI team photo

The Abt Associates AGI team (top row, left to right): Mary Harper, Mary Maguire, Mark Spranca, Albina Shekhtman, Cheryl Fries, and Cara Capizzi; (middle row, left to right): Frank Divita, Jessica Erbacher, Deborah Dangay, Danielle Hunt, Mauricio Poodts, and Beth Williams; (bottom row, left to right): Vanessa Martin, Allison Jung, and Rob Grimmett. 

Brightstarr team photo

Brightstarr team members (top row, left to right): Emma Pinkerton, Kunaal Kapoor, and Kip Wagner; (bottom row, left to right); Kanwal Khipple, Glen Chambers, and Juan Larios.

Air New Zealand Limited

With a content refresh and an overhaul of the information architecture, the Air New Zealand team tackled the challenge of a cluttered and disorganized intranet. A bold design and the use of photographs of employees throughout the site add to the users’ experience.

Air New Zealand Limited team photo

Air New Zealand team members (left to right): Ian Lang, Tristan Chan, Stacey Olsen, Andrea Perez, Tess O’Connor, and Ryan Mears; (absent from photo): Maarten Nieuwland and Shane Burfield-Mills.

Allianz Australia 

With thorough planning, the best navigational elements, and a well-defined use of screen real estate, the Allianz Australia intranet, collabor8, makes it a breeze for employees to find what they need and get up to speed with their work and the latest happenings at the organization and around the world. 

Allianz Australia intranet team photo

Allianz Australia team members (left to right): Patrick Brownsberger, Ida Tamabadlbo, Zoe Salonitides, Mike Brown, and Greg Loundar.


With an activity stream on the homepage and collaborative spaces integrated into the main intranet, AMP’s intranet, The Hub, invites active participation as it updates employees about the latest information. The team worked with employees throughout the design and development process to integrate user feedback and also make employees feel like they were a part of the site’s development from the beginning. 

AMP intranet team photo

The AMP intranet team (front row, left to right): Jenny Thai, Octavia Maddox, Steve Dawson, Linda Le, and Henry Wijaya; (back row, left to right): Doug Wolfson, Darren Walker, David Wall, Frank Arraiza, Wendy Chan, and Pramit Punnilethu.

International Monetary Fund

With a streamlined design focused on moving employees to information quickly, the IMF intranet presents information in an easy to use way. The creation of an Intranet Council to sustain the gains made by the new site and manage its growth shows that the team planned for the future in building the new site. 

IMF intranet team photo

The IMF intranet team (left to right): Camilla Andersen, Graham Dwyer, Begoña Nuñez Allue, Hari Maddineni, Aissata Sidibe, Hélène Faurès, Jamie Colucci (Threespot), Rajitha Devineni, Joshua Sampson, Deb Reilly, Shishir Bhandari, Phil Gosier (Threespot), Vijay Challa, Scott Merker, Hallie Wilfert (Threespot), and Archana Kumar. Missing from photo: Sonia Dwyer, Padraic Hughes, Vera Rhoads, Anna Rappoport (Threespot), James Early (Threespot), and Paul Zolandz (Threespot).

Mayo Clinic

Persona-driven UX development helped the Mayo Clinic intranet team understand and focus on the various types of people for which they were designing and derive this great intranet, which makes everything searchable and findable. Mayo Clinic designers used constraints to their advantage to create a system that exceeds expectations and makes it possible for physicians, scientists, students, and staff alike to find all the information they need.

Mayo Clinic intranet team photo

The Mayo Clinic intranet team (back row, left to right): Josh Brule, Mary Uhlir, Ryan Hegge, Jane Jacobs, Richard Hurt Jr., Sumathi Jayakumar, Donna Blade, Jodie Bartz, and Nik Coates; (front row, left to right): Jonathan Schelander-Pugh, EleAnn Mulholland, Dawn Daehn, Monty Flinsch, Craig Hobson, Terry Smoley, Gianna LaPin, John Schultz, and Mark McGlinch; (inset): Deborah Grover.

National Geographic Society

Connections are key on the National Geographic Society website. The intranet team built a custom social tool, ng+, to encourage communication and collaboration across the organization. It also paid attention to details throughout the site to make engagement and participation easy. An emphasis on visuals takes advantage of and reflects the organization’s rich history.

National Geographic Society intranet team photo

The National Geographic intranet team (front row, left to right): Drew Engelson (Celerity), Megan Seldon (National Geographic), Keelin Vaccaro (National Geographic), Christy Solberg (National Geographic), Susana Esparza (Celerity), and Kenneth Yu (Celerity); (back row, left to right): Elisabeth Beller (Celerity), Russ Little (National Geographic), Beshoy Louka (Celerity), Mark Hill (Baker Hill), John Dymond (Celerity), Dan Baker (National Geographic), and Jason Kolaitis (Celerity).


Ooredoo designers have made an excellent case study for highly successful social sharing on an intranet. “Share and share alike” could be the dictum for the Buzz portal. Ooredoo’s intranet connects thousands of employees by exploiting social sharing features and offering robust language support. With a simple UI and targeted encouragement, Ooredoo’s intranet fosters a culture of sharing across the organization.

Ooredoo intranet team photo

Ooredoo Group intranet team members Caroline Lewis and Sid Ahmed Seghouani.

IT Worx intranet team photo

ITWORX team members (top row, left to right): Amira Samir, Nahla Gaber, Nahla Ghoneim, Michael Milad, Ahmed Yehia, Hoda Mira, and Sara El Khoudary; (bottom row, left to right): Abdel Rahman Hazem, Karim Ahmed, Hossam AbdelSalam, Ahmed Kassem, and Ahmed Mostafa.


The triptic intranet, Iris, is a breath of fresh air. She is disarming, funny, smart, modern, and available when you need her. Through the use of offbeat images, whimsical icons, bright colors, and simple text, Iris draws you in without crossing the line and being off-putting. The Iris homepage recognizes logged-in employees individually and serves them desired information — such as a personal calendar and social following activity alongside the news and a poll widget — helping keep the employee’s finger on the organization’s pulse. 

TripTic intranet team photo

The triptic team (left to right, standing): Tim Didderiëns, Frank Kemps, Anne Blommaert, Martijn Wernaert, Onno Marsman, Lieke Huenges Wajer, Willem van Berlo, Tatiana Morokko, and Jos Rouw; (left to right, sitting): Roel Knapen, Rick Cuijpers, and Arthur Turksma.


Using iterative design and focusing on change management, the Executive and Employee Communications team and the Intranet Strategy and Development team at WellPoint’s Medicaid business unit combined forces to create an intranet that informs employees and enhances communications through thoughtful design.

WellPoint intranet team photo

The WellPoint team (top to bottom, left to right): Peter Lobred, Jamisson Fowler, Thomas Caudron, Jason Marlowitz, Peggy Callaway, Nealy Gihan, Katie Landry, Leila Roche, Daniel Whitehead, Rebecca Lambert, Arlen Vargas, Brendan Mcgarrett, Melissa Carter, Anthony Francisco, Jaclyn Payne, Brian King, Andrew Flowe, Susanna Cagle, and Kaitlin Kelly.

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