Cover Stories and Feature Stories About Jakob Nielsen

These are scans of some of the more visually interesting press coverage of Jakob Nielsen. For links to additional stories, please see the list of recent press mentions .

.eu Identity feature story first page spread
.eu Identity magazine for website owners in Europe.

Global Telecoms Business
Global Telecoms Business magazine: #17 on list of "100 most influential people in the telecoms industry"

The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper, U.K.: "The web design guru that web designers love to hate: Jakob Nielsen's no-frills usability website attracts opprobrium as well as praise, but it stands out and is never ignored"

'The Jakob Nielsen Experience', Dot-Net magazine cover, December 2006
dot-Net magazine cover story: 'The Jakob Nielsen Experience'

Jakob Nielsen's top-ten mistakes of Web design - caricature from New York Times October 22, 2005
New York Times story about Jakob Nielsen's "top ten mistakes of Web design" (I particularly like the "U" on my belt buckle in this caricature)

The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper, U.K.: "Two words is a minute description of a human need" (referring to how much users typically type into search engines as their query)

Jakob Nielsen interview in ComputerWorld Sweden headlined 'Fighter for Simplicity'
ComputerWorld Sweden Magazine: "Fighter for Simplicity"

Ciberpais Magazine, Spain
Ciberpais Magazine, Spain: "Para tener éxito hay que comprender a los usuarios"

NewMediaCreative, U.K.
NewMediaCreative Magazine, U.K.: "Jakob's Ladder"

On Magazine, Ericsson
On magazine, Ericsson

Politiken newspaper, Denmark
Politiken newspaper, Denmark
The flag reads "Internet for the people"

Internet World, UK
Internet World Magazine, U.K.

Internet Magazine, Brazil
Internet Magazine, Brazil: "O Guru da Web"

L'Evenement, France
L'Evenement Magazine, France: "Le e-pape du Web prêche la bonne parole"

Internet Magazine, Japan
Internet Magazine, Japan

Chief Executive magazine
Chief Executive magazine: "CEO Tech 100: The Chief Executive's Guide to 100 of Technology's Hottest People, Places, and Things