Full day training course offered at The UX Conference London

Lean UX and Agile

Applying Lean UX approaches for Agile environments

Course Date: November 14, 2014

Agile development processes, such as Scrum, have challenged UX professionals to adapt. In this course, you will learn how to apply Lean UX principles and methodologies within Agile environments and effectively work with teams.

Session examples and advice are drawn from the war stories of many UX professionals who have successfully introduced user-centered techniques into the Agile process and Nielsen Norman Group's extensive experience integrating design and research within product teams.

"I loved learning that the challenges weren't only my experiences — everyone else has the same. Learning the solutions was most valuable. ... In short, I loved it! I'm going to try to convince business and IT management to hire NNg for an in-house seminar. We ALL need to hear this."

Michelle Lawson

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  • Lean UX
    • The tenets of Lean
    • Applying Lean UX techniques to keep teams focused on the right things
    • Collaborative cross-functional involvement
    • How UX contributes to Lean
    • Fitting Lean UX within Agile environments
  • Agile Development Process
    • Benefits of Agile
    • Agile development fundamentals
    • Delivering quality products quickly
    • Gaining flexibility to change course as needed
    • The "pure" process, hybrid process, and Waterfall
  • Applying Agile UX techniques
    • Activities to perform before development starts
    • How to be effective during sprint planning
    • Demonstrating how user-centered design is a natural fit
    • Getting to "done" for every sprint
    • Creating designs at the right time
  • Agile challenges
    • Company, product, and team size
    • Communication and working with multiple scrum teams
    • Keeping ahead vs. working in parallel
    • Balancing UX work before, during, and after a sprint
  • The UX practitioner's role in an Agile environment
    • Keeping ahead of sprints
    • Learning to love Lean
    • Working with the scrum team
    • Getting UX in the priorities and schedule
    • When a spike is best used (and should not be used) for UX work
  • Designing in Agile
    • Design activities that work well in an Agile process
    • Creating user stories
    • When to wireframe and prototype
    • Designing to keep pace with development
    • Iterating based on user research and testing
  • Post-release follow-through
    • Learning from user feedback
    • Having a voice in the backlog
    • Sharing beyond the scrum team
    • Tracking UX findings and ideas between releases
  • Team dynamics and integrating UX
    • Introducing UX and Agile into an established development team
    • UX for existing Agile teams
    • UX and Agile for Start-ups
  • Usability testing and user research within Agile environments
    • Research activities that work well in an Agile process, and how to do them
    • Choosing the right methods
    • Getting full team involvement without slowing development
    • Prioritizing UX findings
    • Understanding the tradeoffs



This course combines the lecture format with hands on group exercises to explore and understand the challenges and benefits of Lean UX and Agile.

Participant Comments

Participant Comments

"Instructor was delightful — loved the video demos of actual users. Liked the suggestions of tools to use. She had real world experience which was so great."

Lisa Hill, King City Library Systems

"If you want to do UX in an Agile framework without being labeled a 'bottleneck' or skipping all your research — take this class. It shows you how."
"The hand-on exercises brought the concepts to life immediatley."

Bec Plumbe, University of Sydney

"This was very helpful and insightful. My team and I will use much of what we learned."

Seth Kornfeld, UX Manager, Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

"As part of a large organization that is currently struggling with implementing Agile, this course gave me a road map for not only implementing Agile processes, but also improving the overall workflow of the entire organization."


"My team has been struggling with fitting UX into our Agile process and now I feel like I have REAL concepts for moving forward."

Teresa Whitley, Elsevier

"The content flowed great. Instruction and information were helpful and clear. There wasn't too much time spent on each slide. She spent just the right time and effort on each slide. I enjoyed the course a lot."

Allison Zubal, Overstock.com

"Great course! Very fun with the hands-on exercises."

Frederika Kvam, Accenture

"Before taking this session, I was nervous about whether I could apply Agile and UX with my team — whether I even wanted to. I feel so confident now that I've taken the session. I'm ready to head back and engage our team in these methodologies!"

Kathy Hewak, Ryeison University

"Before taking this session, I was nervous about whether I could apply Agile and UX with my team — whether I even wanted to. I feel so confident now that I've taken the session. I'm ready to head back and engage our team in these methodologies!"

Kathy Hewak, Ryeison University

"The course was fun, participative, clear and the presenter was great."

Philip Law, Herbalife

"Hoa is fabulous instructing this class, absolutely loved the amount of interaction and knowledge and engagement was perfect. Totally loved this especially the paper prototyping activity — so great!"

Rosey D'Angelo

"Great overview of lean and agile. Amazing amount of content for a one day class. I also appreciate the many actionable practices we learned."




Hoa Loranger

Hoa Loranger is VP at Nielsen Norman Group and has worked in user experience for over 15 years. She conducts research worldwide, and presents keynotes and training on best practices for interface design. Hoa has consulted for companies such as Microsoft, HP, Allstate, Samsung, Verizon, and Disney. She authors publications, including a book, Prioritizing Web Usability. Read more about Hoa.