Full day training course offered at The UX Conference San Francisco

Managing User Experience Strategy

Design thinking, early UX methods, content strategy, market research, quantitative assessments, process innovation, design patterns, and UX career development

Course Date: October 09, 2014

Strategy: Everyone wants to do it, but what exactly is user experience strategy and how can you implement at your company? And if you are not in a position to be operating strategically today, how can you set yourself or your team up to do so in the future? 
This session will address these key questions.

User experience strategy can include many activities, such as design thinking, early user experience methods, content strategy, certain types of user and market research, quantitative assessments, process innovation, design patterns, UX organizational structure, and career development. Using real-world case studies, you will learn how to use these concepts as effective strategies for your company or career.

"Very resourceful for me to convince and educate team and entire organization for user centered design strategy and UX team management. Class is filled with lots of UX strategies, framework case study data, and hands-on exercises."

Dianne Lim

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  • Learn the business relevance of user experience
  • How user experience strategy impacts business and why it matters
  • Product design strategic methods
  • Content strategy
  • User experience research methods that have a big impact on strategy and decision making
  • Organizational models and user experience functions
  • Product development processes, like agile and waterfall, and how to best fit in
  • Review people, organizational and career issues that impact user experience effectiveness
  • Develop a personal plan that is tailored for your particular situation, based on these concepts.



The course is mainly in lecture format with several group exercises to reinforce the learned principles and guidelines.

The course also includes:

  • Real-world case studies from top user experience companies
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers

Participant Comments

Participant Comments

"Instructor was great. Course was interesting and engaging. More tailored to larger organizations. Provides a 'big picture' view of UX."

Akil Annamunthodo, Toronto

"Really good course, it's actually given me tools to plan my next steps on my UX challenge. You realise that no matter how mature your organization is, in UX, we all face same barriers and challenges!"

Caralina Bravo, SODIMAC

"This course was great at addressing practical, real world situations I've faced when introducing the UX process into my organization."

Chris Lenhart, GES

"Discussion and exercises were particulary helpful to me. I have had several epiphanies! Instructors were highly skilled and credible! The content is complete and concise — no doubt from years of iterations and experience. I'm grateful there is a growing UX community I have tapped into!"

Melinda Baumammo, University of Virginia Library

  • More Participant Comments
    "Provides an end to end toolkit to deliver UX to your organisation."

    Joseph Foster, American Express

    "Good insight on how to sell out UX to companies — touches on a lot of points and topics but it all makes great sense."

    Victoria De Paymeyrol, Blue Infinity

    "I often struggle to communicate the integral bridge between branding, UX and IU Design standards. The course helped me better speak the language."


    "Wow! What an amazing expert. Christian has been there, done that, and designed the better t shirt."


    "The speakers have a wealth of experience, they were very good presenters. I found the real-world examples very useful."

    Martha Bramley, British Council

    "This course is exactly what I needed. I feel empowered and excited to return to work and share my new UX strategy for the organization."

    Kim Gausepool, Virginia Tech

    "Nancy and Christian did a great job at forcing me to step back and think about the difference between customers and users. Because of this, I am able to have empathy for our business leaders. Thus giving me the ability to work effectively with them and sell UX internally."

    Emily Schepp, Giant Creative Strategy

    "This course is really good, in-depth and 30,000 ft view of UX processes & strategy. Great information and ready to go implement what I learned today."

    H. Patel, Sam's Club



Christian Rohrer

Christian Rohrer is Vice President of Design, Research and Enterprise Services at Capital One, heading up all user research efforts company wide, as well as leading the design teams focused on identity, security and API Development. He was previously Vice President and Chief Design Officer in the Consumer Division at Intel Security. Christian is a veteran of web user experience design and research, having participated directly in the development of some of the world’s most popular web destinations, including Yahoo!, eBay, and Realtor.com (Move, Inc.). He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.