Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m having problems with the online registration process?

If your problems are technical in nature (your browser is reporting errors or pages are failing to load correctly), please first try quitting and relaunching your browser, and/or restarting your computer. If it still doesn’t work, please contact the event organiser:

Professional Conference and Project Management   

+44 (0) 1737 780150


Do I have to choose my sessions when I register?

Yes. This not only speeds registration but also ensures you'll get a seat in the sessions you want.


Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer?

Yes. Online registration will let you select these options in addition to paying by credit card. You will receive a printable invoice to return with your payment. 


What discounts are available?

There is a built-in discount for each additional day you attend. You can also take advantage of our early bird registration discount (as indicated in the pricing matrix on the event agenda page).

Group Discount:  NN/g offers discounts for groups of people from the same company, registering at the same time:

  • 5% discount for company groups of 5 to 9 attendees
  • 10% discount for company groups of 10 or more attendees


Is it safe for me to register using my credit card on the NN/g conference site?

Absolutely. Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information when you place your order. This means that your order cannot be read as it travels over the Internet, so your name, address, and credit card information are secure.


What is the dress code for this conference?

Dress comfortably. Business casual and jeans are welcomed. Some people find conference rooms a little cool when sitting all day, so please wear layers and bring a warm jacket. We’ll do our best to keep the temperature comfortable for you, but hotel functions rooms can be unpredictable.


Do I need to bring a laptop?

Yes. Please bring your laptop with power cord to the conference. Seminar slides and class materials will be provided in electronic format. If you would like to follow along with the presenter's projected slides throughout the conference, a laptop is highly recommended.


Can I get a list of who’s attending the conference?

Yes. A list of attendees will be included in the conference proceedings. If you do not wish to be listed, we provide an opt-out within the registration form.


Will you sell my personal information? May I buy a list of your conference attendees?

No. We never share personal information with other companies.


Do you accommodate special needs?

Each event location is set up to accommodate attendees with special needs; please email the event organiser for assistance:

Professional Conference and Project Management  

+44 (0) 1737 780150



What if I have a registration question that isn’t answered here?

If you have further questions, please contact the conference planner:

Professional Conference and Project Management
34 Luxford Way
Billinghurst, West Sussex
RH14 9PA
Phone: +44 (0) 1403 785697

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