Design Review & IA Analysis

User-centric, expert analysis of your interface and/or information architecture that identifies what is useful and usable, what is not, and provides recommendations for better business results.


  • Research-backed recommendations
    • We draw on our extensive, global research conducted with thousands of different interface designs, observing thousands of people.
    • We know what works and what doesn't work for most categories of users after testing a much broader range of design alternatives than you would ever have time to consider yourself.
  • Vendor-independence
    • We don't have a vested interest in recommending one approach or technology  over another. We invented many of the usability methodologies used in these reviews and have used them for decades, so we know what can be soundly concluded.
  • Fresh perspective
    • As outside experts we deliver an unbiased verdict that purely depends on what's best for your users and business.

What Can be Analyzed?

  • Desktop and mobile websites and applications
  • Landing pages, menus/navigation, information architecture, checkout processes, signup forms, specific features, sub-sites, etc.
  • Intranets, extranets, enterprise applications
  • Email newsletters, confirmation emails, and other notification-based communication
  • Wearable technology, consumer products, and anything else that has a user interface
  • Any level fidelity —  from rough sketches to completely branded designs: Sketches of pages and navigation ideas, information architecture drafts in Excel, paper prototypes, wireframes, clickable prototypes, visual comps, high-fidelity prototypes


We customize our deliverables to serve your needs and preferences. We can deliver results as written documents, slide decks, and live presentations.

Types of Review and Analysis

Design Review (Design Analysis)

Information Architecture (IA) & Navigation Analysis

Design Analysis

$38,000 to $75,000 USD

$38,000 for a review of a website, intranet, or most applications (Mobile apps may be less if they're small and focused. Big, complex applications may be more)

$45,000-65,000 for a review of multi-platform designs (typically 2-3 different screen sizes)

$75,000 for a competitive review of your website + 3 competitors

A thorough design review is particularly useful if you're trying to decide on a new strategy or direction for your user experience, because our independent position allows us to approach your problems from a fresh perspective. Even if you're not planning to change direction, it's still good to commission an independent UX assessment from time to time, purely for reasons of risk reduction: to make sure there's nothing major you're overlooking because you're too close to the problem yourself.

Process and Deliverable

  • You provide background information including goals, target users and your concerns.
  • We conduct a detailed, task-based analysis of your interface to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • We deliver a report (in 3-4 weeks) with detailed findings and recommended solutions for improving the user experience and meeting business goals.
  • Reports are typically 60-100 pages long (A longer report is not better value for the money; it just means we found more usability problems in your design)
  • Strategic UX guidance for your design
  • Specific usability findings, including issues and strengths
  • Recommendations (typically between 50-100) to improve usability

Information Architecture (IA) & Navigation Analysis

$40,000 to $100,000 USD  

$40,000 for a review of a medium sized website (Big, complex sites or intranets may be more)

To improve the information architecture and navigation design of your website, intranet, or application, we combine expert analysis (Content Inventory and Label and Hierarchy Audit) and quantitative research methods (Tree Testing, Card Sorting and Click Testing). Projects can involve all or just some of the following techniques depending on client goals.

Content Inventory

Our analysts work with your team to inventory your existing environment to capture and define all site content and features to assist you with determining what to remove, add, and edit.

Label and Hierarchy Audit

We apply our Label and Hierarchy Audit Framework to the content inventory to evaluate and score page/link names in relation to the content they represent. This scoring indicates if naming is accurate, concise, familiar, comprehensive and front-loaded. Based on the results of this scoring process, we propose recommended name, organization and structural changes.

Iterative Tree Testing with Target Users

Tree tests measure the intuitiveness of label and link grouping, hierarchy and nomenclature. We define a baseline of findability and further inform the label audit by asking recruited participants to conduct tasks using your existing information architecture. We then work with you to define alternative information architecture(s) and perform more rounds of tree tests to identify the best proposed alternate information architecture.

Card Sorting with Target Users

Card sorting is a research method used to determine ideal information structure and organization. We use this technique to get ideas for restructuring sites to increase intuitiveness, discovery and findability. Study participants are presented with a series of titles or descriptions of content and features and then asked to organize them into groups and name those groupings. These tests are often conducted online and can be moderated or unmoderated.

Click Testing with Target Users

We use click tests to measure the intuitiveness of navigation menu designs in sketch, wireframe and/or polished design comp format. Recruited participants are presented with tasks and asked what they would click on to complete the tasks. This is ideal for testing menu/mega-menu designs and mission-critical pages (e.g., landing pages).

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