Best Government Agency and Public Sector Intranets 2001-2014

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For government intranets, projects that increase employee productivity are as valuable as those that increase the general public’s satisfaction.

Through detailed case studies and 202 full-color screenshots, this 375-page report catches you up on the trends and challenges of past winning intranets at government agencies and other public sector organizations.

The showcased intranets were chosen based on expert review of the design and usability of hundreds of nominated intranets, reprinted from the Intranet Design Annuals 2001-2014.


  • Best practices for key areas
    • Workflow support
    • Ensuring fresh content
    • Driving unified design through the organization
    • Consistent navigation
    • Integration of intranet with real-time mobile notification
    • Development process for intranet redesigns
    • Coordinating agency-level and government-level design
    • Ensuring accessibility for employees with disabilities, beyond simple compliance with Section 508 (U.S.) or the Disability Discrimination Act (U.K.)
    • Tips on how to incorporate successful design patterns onto your intranet
    • Supporting users in many locations
    • Offering authoritative, accurate content
    • Enhancing corporate goals
    • Partnering with corporate communications
    • Tracking your successes
    • Information on the methods and technologies used to achieve their vision in an organization's framework
    • Conducting usability evaluations and visiting users
  • Common themes among the winners
    • Devise a consistent design to integrate many intranets
    • Include accessibility features
    • Support users in many locations
    • Offer authoritative, accurate content
    • Enhance corporate goals
    • Create happy users
  • Recommendations for the intranet design process
    • Conduct many usability evaluations and visit users
    • Make accessibility design a part of the process, not an afterthought
    • Partner with your corporate communications team
    • Track your successes
  • Intranets not selected: common issues
    • Homepage lacked information
    • Poor page layout
    • Navigation that is neither consistent nor persistent


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