How to Conduct Usability Studies

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Even experienced usability practitioners make mistakes while running test sessions, which can impact the participant and the data. Improving usability testing methodology can bring huge gains for a relatively small effort.

This 52-page report presents 230 tips and tricks for running better usability test sessions. These tips have been developed from running our own studies and from watching others run studies.

(Get hands-on instructions on how to conduct usability studies at our conference.) 

Topics covered

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that usability practitioners make when running test sessions
  • Planning the study
    • How to test on a minimal budget
    • Finding good participants
    • Making sure participants show up
    • Selecting test tasks and scenarios
    • Running the session
    • Debriefing
  • Performing the test
    • Testing with experienced users
    • International usability testing
  • Reporting and communicating test results
  • Working with others
    • Hiring a usability professional
    • Assessing the quality of a usability testing firm
  • Politics of usability testing
  • Ethics of usability testing


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How to Conduct Usability Studies

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