Social Features on Intranets: Case Studies of Enterprise 2.0

2nd Edition

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Look beyond the hype and learn what works in real life. This 217-page report with 106 full-color screenshots presents best practices for designing social features for intranets, including:

  • Blogs
  • Microblogging (intranet equivalents of Twitter)
  • News feeds (RSS)
  • Wikis
  • Social networks (intranet equivalents of Facebook)
  • Tagging and social bookmarking

This report presents techniques for:

  • Integrating social features within your intranet
  • Adapting Web 2.0 to a company's culture
  • Managing communities
  • Handling governance issues

Article on research findings: Intranet Social Features

Topics covered

  • Enterprise 2.0
    • Setting the Stage for Social
    • Leading the Charge
    • Cultural Readiness
    • Measuring impact
  • Communication 2.0
    • Socially Enabled Communication
    • Socially Enabled Content
    • Killing Email
    • Evolving the Intranet
    • Information Retrieval
  • Practical Considerations
    • Timeline
    • Governance
    • Managing Expectations
    • Risk
    • Code of Conduct
    • Community Management
    • Staffing
    • Cost
  • Users and Use
    • On Boarding
    • Executives as Users
    • Transition Strategies
    • Use and Usability
    • Developing a Culture of Contribution
  • Case studies from 22 companies in 7 countries provide insight on techniques for making social features work for intranets
    • Measuring Social Contribution
    • Enterprise Blogging
    • A Tale of Two Wikis
  • Lessons learned from organizations who have been there and done it
    • Strategies for implementing social features within an organization
    • Users
    • Change Management
    • Governance
    • Technology
  • Best Practices
    • Blogging
    • Enterprise Social Networks
    • Microblogging
    • Wikis
    • News Feeds (RSS)
    • Tagging
  • Screenshot Gallery
    • Homepages and Activity Streams
    • Blogs
    • Social Networks and Profile Pages
    • Microblogging
    • News Feeds (RSS)
    • Search and Browsing


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