Return on Investment (ROI) for Usability

4th Edition

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Learn techniques for estimating the cost of usability activities and measuring improvements based on hundreds of development projects and 72 case studies. We present techniques for converting usage metrics into business gains for different industries (e.g., intranets, e-commerce, marketing, software, and electronics and hardware products).

This 212-page report includes 131 screenshots of before and after designs, and discussions of design elements that increase business metrics.


  • The formula for website success
  • Justifying the cost of usability activities
    • ​Models for usability budgets based on project size and human resources
    • Evolution in usability budget
    • The organization's usability maturity level
    • Beating the competition
    • Changing audiences
    • Internationalization
  • Estimating ROI: computing the usability effort required for successful design projects
    • Sources of gains from usability
    • Estimating the magnitude of gains from usable design
    • Computing improvement scores
    • Expected usability improvements
    • Change in ROI metrics over time
  • Metrics categories and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Sales and conversion rates
    • Traffic and visitor numbers
    • Frequency of feature use
    • User performance and productivity
    • Development time
  • Sources of usability gains among industries
    • Ecommerce
    • Content sites
    • Marketing sites
    • Intranets
    • Software development
    • Hardware
  • Examples of improved conversion rates based on design changes
    • Graphics and visual design changes
    • Reduction of navigational components
    • Landing pages with better copy and calls to action
    • Persistent tool for common functions
    • Clearer error messages
    • Straightforward language, category names
    • Informational confirmation pages
    • Buttons and calls to action
    • Thumbnail views for galleries
    • Streamlined booking and shopping cart process
    • Information architecture
    • Merge multiple user accounts to a single account to reduce complexity
    • Photos and fonts: size and load time
    • Homepage: communicating purpose and offerings
    • Search
    • Sign-up, quotes, and forms
    • Social features to improve site stickiness
    • Writing, formatting content for the web
    • Personalization
    • Including features that users needed
  • International differences: United States, Europe, and Australia
  • Future trends

What’s new in the 4th Edition?

The 4th edition contains additional examples. The main points made across the editions are the same.


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