Navigation Features in Netscape 1.1

by Jakob Nielsen on July 1, 1995

Sidebar to Jakob Nielsen 's column on browser navigation features .

Netscape 1.1 provides these nine navigation support mechanisms:

  • Go To an absolute address (type in its URL)
  • Hypertext links (click on underlined text or an ISMAP)
  • Breadcrumbs (underlined text changes color if you have seen the destination node it points to)
  • Landmarks (directory buttons like "What's Cool")
  • Backtrack
  • History list
  • Bookmarks, including bookmark annotation and structuring
  • Prospective view (supported by showing a URL with path and filename in the footer before the user has made the jump - our studies indicate that many users use this information to guess at what they would find if they activated the link)
  • Anti-homogeneity visual cues (background patterns can in principle be used to increase the user's navigational understanding though they are mostly used in ways that have no meaning )

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