Annual Themes of the CHI Conferences

by Jakob Nielsen on December 31, 1994

Year Conference Highlight Centroid Paper of the Year
1983 Crusade for Empiricism and User-Centrism: The need for and success of user testing with real users Changes that users demanded in the human interface to the Hermes message system by Charlotte D. Mooers
1985 Rigorous Research Methods: Fine-tuning methodology beyond simple user testing Evaluating the user interface: The candid camera approach by Michelle A. Lund
1986 CSCW: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Beyond single-user interfaces: Several users and several computers Intelligent interfaces: User models and planners by Lisa Quinn and Daniel M. Russell
1987 Design Functionality: Not enough to design surface user interface: Good usability also involves matching what the system does with what the user needs The interface is often not the problem by Bengt Göransson, Mats Lind, Else Pettersson, Bengt Sandblad, and Patrik Schwalbe
1988 Steady, Evolutionary Progress: One more GUI; one more GUI; one more GUI (more or less the same). User interfaces seem like an established discipline SAUCI: A knowledge-based interface architecture by A. Sherman and W. Tyler
1989 User Interfaces Mean Business (But it's a Mean Business). Copyright battles over look and feel as computer company CEOs and VPs promote increased attention to usability in their products A case study of user interface management system development and application by Jerry M. Manheimer, Rodney C. Burnett, and Jo Ann Wallers
1990 Non-Command Based Interaction Paradigms: Eye-tracking, virtual reality, agents, and other ways to have the computer do what you want without having to tell it so Why good engineers (sometimes) create bad interfaces by Donald R. Gentner and Jonathan Grudin
1991 Confirming Results: Standing on the Shoulders of Others: Several independent studies get the same conclusion; some studies compare and build on methods proposed previously (unfortunately, this was actually new!) Technology affordances by William W. Gaver
1992 Inventing the Future and Moving Off the Flat Screen: The next generation of computing will be defined by its interface. User interfaces moving into the physical world surrounding the computer Working with audio: Integrating personal tape recorders and desktop computers by Leo Degen, Richard Mander, and Gitta Salomon
1994 Seductive user interfaces: designs that are engaging and emotionally appealing (not just functional)

Summary of the ACM CHI series of conferences on computer-human interaction. There was no CHI conference in 1984. The "highlight" description of the conference indicates the main theme or pattern I found at the conference that year. The centroid paper for each of the years 1983-1992 was calculated by Susan T. Dumais using latent semantic indexing and indicates the paper that is closest to the average of all the papers presented that year according to an information retrieval model.

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