Advances in Human/Computer Interaction, Volume 5

Jakob Nielsen , 1995

This volume attempts to fight the information overload experienced during the 1980s and 1990s. Its concentration is on surveying important areas, providing an overview of recent advancements, and surveying interesting specific design or development projects to show how the state of the art is being carried out. Essays by specialists that speculate on important trends in the field are also included. Edited by Jakob Nielsen (published by Intellect Publishers; ISBN 1-56750-199-0).

Table of Contents


1. The Human Factors of Information on the Internet
Wendy A. Kellogg and John T. Richards

2. Computer Augmented Environments: New Places to Learn, Work, and Play
Benjamin B. Bederson and Allison Druin

3. Agents: What (or who) are they?
Katherine Isbister and Terre Layton

4. Towards Accessible Human-Computer Interaction
Eric Bergman and Earl Johnson

5. Pen-Based Interaction for a Shared Telephone Workspace
Andrew Hunter

6. The Evolution of User-Centered Design in Microsoft Applications
Chris Graham and Ken Dye

7. Usability Engineering: Do We Practice What We Preach?
Thea Turner, Alison Lee, and Mike Atwood

8. Usability Engineering in the Year 2020
John C. Thomas

9. Independent Iterative Design: A Method that didn't Work
Jakob Nielsen and Marco G. P. Bergman

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