International User Interfaces

Jakob Nielsen , 1996

Book about the design of user interfaces to be used outside the country in which they were designed. Emphasis on usability methods and cultural differences as well as GUI and documentation design. Edited by Elisa del Galdo and Jakob Nielsen. (John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY ISBN: 0-471-14965-9.)

Table of Contents


  1. International Usability EngineeringJakob Nielsen
  2. Problems in Designing the User Interface for Systems Supporting International Human-Human Communication, John Connolly
  3. Developing a Cultural Model, Nancy Hoft
  4. Culture and Design, Elisa M. del Galdo
  5. Cultural Learning Differences in Software User Training, Eric Krock
  6. Impact of Culture on User Interface Design, Masao Ito and Kumiyo Nakakoji
  7. Arabization of Graphical User Interfaces, Fethi Amara and Franck Portaneri
  8. A Chinese Text Display Suported by an Algorithm for Chinese Segmentation, Lei Chen and Wayning Jin
  9. Case Study: Managing a Multiple-Language Document System, Steven Copeland
  10. The Design of Multilingual Documents, Elisa M. del Galdo
  11. An Intelligent Lexical Management System for Multilingual Machine Translation, Yong Gao
  12. A Day in the Life: Studying Context across Cultures, Susan Dray and Deborah Mrazek
  13. Icon and Symbol Design Issues for Graphical User Interfaces, Aaron Marcus