Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond

Jakob Nielsen , 1995

The 2nd edition of the best-selling HyperText and HyperMedia, this book takes hypertext a step further—to the Internet. Based on a sound conceptual foundation in hypertext theory, the book includes richly illustrated examples of a wide variety of new hypermedia systems, a range of strategies for overcoming information overload, an explanation of copyright issues for users and developers, usability issues for hypertext, and long and short term predictions for the future of the field.

Published by Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco; originally published by AP Professional, Boston, MA.  ISBN 0-12-518408-5.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • A Multitude of Hypertext and Multimedia
  • Acknowledgments
  1. Defining Hypertext, Hypermedia, and Multimedia
    • Narrower Definitions of Hypertext
    • Hypermedia: Multimedia Hypertext
    • Hypertext and Regular Computer Applications
    • The Hype about Hypertext
  2. An Example of a Hypertext System
  3. The History of Hypertext
    • Memex (1945)
    • Augment/NLS (1962-1976)
    • Xanadu (1965)
    • Hypertext Editing System (1967) and FRESS (1968)
    • Aspen Movie Map (1978)
    • KMS (1983)
    • Hyperties (1983)
    • NoteCards (1985)
    • Symbolics Document Examiner (1985)
    • Intermedia (1985)
    • Guide (1986)
    • HyperCard (1987)
    • Hypertext Grows Up
  4. Applications of Hypertext
    • Computer Applications
    • Business Applications
    • Intellectual Applications
    • Educational Applications
    • Entertainment and Leisure Applications
  5. The Architecture of Hypertext Systems
    • Nodes
    • Links
    • Hypertext Engines
    • Open Hypertext
    • Integrating Hypertext Ideas into Other Environments
  6. Hardware Support for Hypertext
    • Problems with the Computer Screen
    • Pointing Devices
    • Can Text-Only Computers Be Used for Hypertext?
    • CD-ROM as a Storage Device
  7. Hypertext on the Internet
    • Accessing Hypertext Through the Internet
    • The World Wide Web and Mosaic
    • HTML
    • Hyper-G and Harmony
    • Half-Dead Hypertext and the Electronic Business Card
  8. Coping with Information Overload
    • Information Retrieval
    • Human Editing
    • Interest Voting and Readwear
    • The n of 2n Approach
  9. Navigating Large Information Spaces
    • Overview Diagrams
    • Navigational Dimensions and Metaphors
  10. Hypertext Usability
    • Usability Parameters for Hypertext
    • Survey of Benchmark Research
    • Non-Benchmark Studies
    • The Larger Picture
  11. Multimedia Authoring
    • Usability for Authors
    • Separate Interfaces for Writers
    • Cooperative Authoring
    • The Authority of the Author
  12. Repurposing Existing Content
    • Conversion
    • The Manual of Medical Therapeutics
    • Oxford English Dictionary
  13. The Future of Multimedia and Hypertext
    • What Happened to the Predictions from my Earlier Book?
    • Short-Term Future: Three to Five Years
    • Medium-Term Future: Five to Ten Years
    • Long-Term Future: Ten to Twenty Years
    • Hypermedia Publishing: Monopoly or Anarchy?
    • A Summary: Hypertext versus the Competition
  • Appendix: Annotated Bibliography
    • Surveys
    • Societies
    • Compendium
    • Conferences
    • Journals and Magazines
    • Videotapes
    • Books about the Internet
    • Classics
    • Alphabetical Listing of Papers and Books
    • Far Out Stuff
  • Index

This book is the second edition of my hypertext book. The first edition was published under the title Hypertext and Hypermedia.


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