Perspectives on Cognitive Science

Don Norman , 1981

This edition of a series on cognitive science includes explorations of mental models, language and memory, physical symbol systems, and more. Edited by Don Norman.

Table of Contents

What is cognitive science? /​ Donald A. Norman
Cognitive science : the newest science of the artificial /​ Herbert A. Simon
Neurological knowledge and complex behaviors /​ Norman Geschwind
Physical symbol systems /​ Allen Newell
K-lines : a theory of memory /​ Marvin Minsky
Language and memory /​ Roger C. Schank
Mental models in cognitive science /​ P.N. Johnson-Laird
The metaphorical structure of the human conceptual system /​ George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
The intentionality of intention and action /​ John R. Searle
What does it mean to understand language? /​ Terry Winograd
Twelve issues for cognitive science /​ Donald A. Norman.

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