Tog on Software Design

Bruce Tognazzini , 1995

Tog on Software Design discusses the evolution computers will undergo in the coming decade, and the impact these changes will have on society as a whole. You'll find lively, thought-provoking essays on topics from quality management to the meaning of standards, to corporate structure and cooperation, interspersed with responses to queries supplied by designers and developers. These essays will furnish industry managers, programmers, and designers with a blueprint for success in the coming decade. Discussion of issues surrounding home, school, and business will give computer enthusiasts a fascinating view of how their lives will soon be transformed.This book that grew out of Sun Microsystem's Starfire project takes on the tough subjects of how society is changing and how the computer industry must reinvent itself to keep up.

Always insightful, often provocative, occasionally controversial, and perpetually entertaining, Tog provides an easy read that's as accessible to lay computer users as it is to computer professionals.

"An amazing combination of technical depth and humanism, which is always relevant, often witty, and sometimes very moving."
--Jean-Louis Gassée, Chairman and CEO, Be, Inc., former President of the Product Division, Apple Computer, Inc.


"Tog takes us on an extraordinary journey as software design crawls out of the operating system of computers and on to the landscape of networks and new media content. He is a gifted hands-on designer who weaves a very compelling story."
--John Sculley, former CEO, Apple Computer, Inc.

"Vintage Tog--great potential with a taste of nuttiness. Intelligently bombastic. Insightfully outrageous."
--Don Norman, Vice president, Apple Computer, Inc.
Author of Things That Make Us Smart


Excerpt: Chapter 8: The Shape of Tomorrow's Computers

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