Usability Testing

Starting at $15K USD

Why usability testing?

Improve your designs by watching real customers interact with your interface (websites, mobile devices, prototypes).

User testing is grounded in behavioral observations to provide design insights. This research generates actionable findings to redesign your site or application.

Validate your assumptions at any stage, from low fidelity (sketches, wireframes) to live websites and applications. We tailor each research project to reflect your goals and timeline.

Why Nielsen Norman Group?

We have conducted thousands of usability sessions and can help you get the most out or your research investment. Our usability experts design and facilitate studies to give you illuminating insight and concrete recommendations for improvement.

We guide discussions to help you interpret the findings, determine how user feedback might generalize to your situation, and make recommends for actionable next steps.

In just 2-3 days of testing, you will gain useful knowledge about the aspects of your designs that meet user expectations and the areas that require refinement.


Traditional Usability Testing ($20,000–40,000 USD)

This method involves one-on-one, expert moderated usability sessions in a lab setting. Team members have ample opportunities to observe sessions and participate in lively discussions with our experts. Testing generally takes days 2 with 8-10 target users. Expect to unveil 85% of usability issues with 5 users.

Remote Moderated Usability Testing (Starting at $15,000 USD)

Remotely moderated sessions are ideal for recruiting specialized audiences who can’t travel to the lab or when target participants are geographically dispersed, making travel cost prohibitive. We facilitate sessions with participants in their natural environment using screen-sharing or remote viewing tools.


Reports include examples with callouts, discussions of best practice, and actionable recommendations. We customize our deliverables to serve your needs. You choose the format. We can deliver results as written documents, slide decks, video highlights, and live presentations. Reports are usually completed 2-3 weeks after testing.

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