Full day training course

Content Strategy

Business value and processes behind a successful content strategy

You can’t afford to ignore content strategy. Content which is well-planned and consistently executed can raise sales and profit margins, lower customer complaints, and decrease the workload and stress levels of content creators. It can also get you promoted.

While many of us have been informally following strategic content planning principles for some time, content strategy has now been formalized into a discipline that’s currently a highly sought-after skillset. Ambitious editors, UX professionals and designers increasingly need this knowledge and understanding in order to progress.

This course outlines a clear, practical framework for implementing content strategy principles in organisations of any size. It is packed with case studies and practical examples. Participants can either use the course to kickstart a more formal approach to content strategy in their organisation, or to better understand and benchmark any existing content strategy work being done.

"The course enabled me to take existing content strategy tools and think of ideas to further develop what we've already achieved — measurables to win hearts and minds!"

J McFadyen
Newcastle University, UK

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  • The foundations of content strategy
    • Defining content strategy for your organisation
    • The business case for content
    • Overcoming a print-led legacy
    • Content roles and responsibilities
    • Should you practise content-led UX and design?
  • Follow a step-by-step process to produce a content strategy for your web, email, mobile and social media content
  • Content strategy checklist: key tasks and activities
    • Core strategy statements
    • User insights and personas
    • Setting key audit criteria
    • Evaluating existing content
    • Mapping content to goals
    • Goal-based idea generation
    • Editorial strategy, tactics and planning
    • Content formats and samples
    • Voice and tone
    • Guidelines and training for content producers



This course is an interactive lecture. Through exercises and discussions you will be able to benchmark your past (or future) content strategy activities against best practice examples. It should be noted that the breadth of topic means that in-depth instruction into techniques can’t always be given, however more detailed answers to questions can be given in breaks and by email.

What you’ll get:

  • Lots of real-world examples and illustrations of how these techniques can be put into action
  • Task lists and processes for completing key content strategy activities
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get answers from a highly-experienced content strategist

Participant Comments

Participant Comments

"I liked the fact that the course was so practical — based on what happens in the real world not in an ideal world.  It was full of practical tips and tactics that I'll be able to take back to work."

Polly Green, Home Office, UK

"Well structured course covering key aspects of content strategy, delivered in an inspiring way by a very enjoyable presenter. Thank you!"

Lyndall Brown, CITB

"The tools and tips are useful especially rating your audience and stakeholder management. Trainer has real work life experiences in relation to content that you can definitely identify with it. Very useful."
"It was a fantastic way to formalise what I already knew and translate that into actions with great tips, tricks and tools. Now I can engage the right people to make the content strategy a success."

Sonja Jones, Sampsen May

"The tools and tips are useful especially rating your audience and stakeholder management. Trainer has real work life experiences in relation to content that you can definitely identify with it. Very useful."



Catherine Toole

Catherine Toole (@catherinetoole) is the founder of digital content agency Sticky Content, which she sold to the UK Press Association in 2013. A former press journalist, she has been providing content marketing strategy, copywriting, consultancy and training services to a wide range of clients, agencies and Government departments for almost 20 years. Sticky Content’s current clients include: Alstom, Aviva, Currys PC World, EuRail, Getty Images, Investec, Legal and General, Nationwide, Post Office®, RAC, Sony Europe, Virgin Media Business and Walt Disney Travel Company. She is a well-known speaker in the UK, a judge in recent inaugural Drum Content Awards and acts as an industry expert for Technology for Marketing.