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2007 Intranet Design Awards

January 1, 2007

Congratulations to the 2007 Intranet Design Annual Award recipients!

American Electric Power (AEP)

Taking an idea planted at a usability conference and nurtured over dinner — with the aid of a paper tablecloth — American Electric Power applied a world-class design staff and less than $100,000 to create an unbeatable intranet: the new AEP Now, which informs and inspires employees.

The AEP team (left to right): Joshua McClurg-Genevese, Don DeHoff, Tim Nicholson, Dave Azusenis, Terry Cowans, Jim Matson, William Amurgis



Want a great design? Take risks. That’s the lesson from the Comcast Store, an extranet that supports the company’s marketing operations. Bold design choices, including expert use of white space and color, enable users to breeze through the site and quickly locate essential information.

The Modus Associates team: Randall Kato, Diane Hoffman, Scott McDonald Not pictured: Phyllis Merikallio Ford

The Kinesis Marketing and Comcast teams: Brian Kempf, Kate Rumore, Tom Gamble, Sean McKenzie (Comcast), Amanda Sackawicz, Derek Grier Not pictured: Pankaj Dalal


DaimlerChrysler AG

The DaimlerChrysler AG Employee Portal’s clear navigation, personalized content, and extensive intranet applications make it approachable and easy to use, drawing 60,000 users daily.

The DaimlerChrysler team, front row: Gerald Starke, Christoph Heger, Andreas Moissidis, Tim Rohrer Back row: Oliver Radtke, Ronny Schabel, Christian Fachat, Benjamin Oberkersch


The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow intranet’s news offerings, clear navigation, and many intranet-based applications support a wide variety of employees and boost productivity — a winning combination.

The Dow Chemical team, top row: Stacey Elder, Mark Fenske, Jodi Hayes, Annemarie Helms Bottom row: Dean Marino, Kim Sartain, Chris Young. Not pictured: Mario Ferket, Ingrid Knox, and the many Dow employees who devote a large portion of their time to the intranet


Infosys Technologies Limited

This intranet has a special mission: To keep pace with the company as it adds almost 50% more employees in a year. Named Sparsh — “to touch” in Sanskrit — this intranet lives up to its billing, achieving three essential yet difficult attributes: to motivate, communicate with, and unify employees.

The Infosys team, front row: Pushpalee Lobo, Varshesh Joshi, Lakshmi Mangalassery Back row: Gaurav Kumar, Sridhar Marri, Ravi Panghat


JPMorgan Chase & Company

The redesign mandate: Better meet the incredibly diverse needs of employees, while lowering costs. Add in a merger, and creating a great design might seem unattainable. Through superb planning and unwavering focus, however, the intranet team delivered a world- class intranet.

The JPMC Team, from bottom left: Dennis Deacon, Lori Pollan, James Reilly, Alex Zawadiwsky, Jeanine Carlucci-McDonnell, Nancy Goebel, Jeffrey Easton, Gerben Hooykaas, Phil Diol, Susan Korpela, Janette Channell, Craig Stabler, Michael Welsh


Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft’s corporate intranet is also the company’s primary showcase for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The fact that the company’s more than 70,000 employees prize it for news, information, and as a guide to Microsoft’s many internal sites, however, highlights its success as an intranet.

The Microsoft team: Christine Bennett, Melissa Wilson, Chris Stetkiewicz, Sharon Elkins


National Geographic Society

Taking cues from an organization’s existing products can save time, boost focus, and help foster an incredible user experience. Witness NG Insider, the National Geographic Society’s intranet, which features a clarity and design reminiscent of the Society’s well- known National Geographic magazine.

The National Geographic Society team, front row: Robert Harris, Susan Fifer Canby, Lisa Metzer, Karen Huffman, Karen Gilmour, Kate Baylor Back row: Gary Carter, Barbara Ferry, Suzan Eaton, Victor Veizaga (Photo by Eduardo Rubiano, National Geographic Society)


Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Just a handful of people maintain The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ intranet. To judge by its delightful design, however, you’d never know it. This lively website devoted to environmental concerns soars with creativity.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds team: Graham Bird, Sheena Huxley-Duggan, Janet Pedley, Bill Simmons


Volvo Group

A testament to the power of clear design and judicious use of templates, this Volvo Group Information Online (Violin) redesign helped rein in 10 years of uncontrolled growth and over 800 websites. The result helps employees speed through their intranet tasks while enjoying the ride.

The Volvo Group team: Rickard Strömberg, Mark Vikner, Johand Wendels, Helen Jerresand, Anna Almberg, Eva Kuylenstierna