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2010 Intranet Design Awards

January 1, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 Intranet Design Annual Award winners!

Enbridge, Inc. (Energy; Canada)

Personalization is key to letting the Enbridge team provide the right information to employees across the organization's six business units. Content contributors are led by an Editor–in-Chief, who ensures the content's quality. The team created a "lite" site for mobile or remote use to provide quick access to the most critical information and applications.

The Enbridge team (back row): Swaroop George, Mark Murray, Sean Stratton, Jennifer Cageorge; (front row, left to right): Brent Poohkay, Lauren Linnell, John Hanlon, Andrea Legault, Glenn Fullerton, Leandra Schrag.


GE (Technology, Media, and Financial Services; US)

With no way to communicate information company-wide, the GE intranet team had to create a central source with flexibility to support 300,000 employees working in three different industries around the world. Distributed content and cleanly designed templates keep content fresh and pages clean, while opportunities to rate and comment on stories invite employees to interact and engage.

The GE team in the style of the Mad Men TV show (back row, left to right): Vicky Fang, Ed Hicks, Ranee Chung, Collin Olan, Jody Hankinson, Adam Silver, Sue Bishop, Erik Manley; (front row, left to right): Kris Konno, Andrew Bond, Sangita Malhotra, Monique TeSelle, Kyle Crouse, Cem Ezberci, Lisa Minott, Dayan Anandappa; (far right, holding the donut): Jen Walsh.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) (Nonprofit Medical Research; US)

The HHMI team strove to create a site to support all users and fill the institute's unique needs. To achieve that goal, the intranet team worked closely with employees to understand the needs of HHMI users—from biomedical scientists to researchers to support staff and even "pre-employees" (who have limited site access). The resulting HHMI intranet is structured to allow quick access to personal content via the My Home, My Department, and My Projects tabs, making the site's most relevant information easy to quickly access.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute team. (Top row, left to right) in-House HHMI Team Members: Leslie Forte, Alycia Eck, Kris Weinhold, Kate Forte, Dave Tabor, Bill Dorris; (middle row, left to right) TandemSeven Design Team: Frank Donofrio, Paul Eisen, Kenneth McDowell, Carrie Notte, Andrew Schechterman; (bottom row, left to right) Technology Team: Steve Wyman (TandemSeven), Alessandro Barroso, (TandemSeven), Ron DiFrango (CapTech Ventures- not pictured), Scott Duncan (CapTech Ventures), Niran Fajemisin (TandemSeven - not pictured), Phil Kedy (CapTech Ventures), Mundi Morgado (TandemSeven), Vincent Schoenfelder (CapTech Ventures).


Huron Consulting Group (Consulting; US)

Traveling consultants need to find the information they need when they need it, and be confident they've found the right information. The Huron Consulting Group intranet met this challenge with its iNet intranet, providing the organization's 2,100 users with a clean, focused site design and clear navigational structure that makes it easy for users to know where they are on the site at all times. Because the site was designed with users in mind and has an effective and reliable search, users can get in, get what they need, and get on to their clients.

The Huron Consulting Group team (left to right): Bryan Wells, Rebecca Heckel, Daniel Lynch, John Sudduth, Sally Hunneke, Brian Notz, Ciara de los Reyes, Aron Greenburg, David Sidwell, Matt Cummings.


Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (Government Aerospace; US)

JPL's technical team joined forces with its Office of Communications and Education and an outside design firm to enhance the intranet's technology, content, and appearance. Enhanced search provides quick access to key information, and an iPhone app lets users access basic information from their phones.



The MITRE Corporation (Nonprofit Technology; US)

When faced with challenges and opportunities, the MITRE intranet team focused on coming up with creative, user-focused solutions. An explosion of content led to a quick search feature called FastJump. The importance of knowledge sharing led to a robust employee directory and expertise search. Recognition of the power of communication among employees led to social tools such as onomi social bookmarking and MITREpedia. Whatever the challenge, MITRE's team strives to build practical solutions to fit users' needs.

The MITRE MyMII team (left to right): Donna Cuomo, Fran Yang, Tony Carlucci, Bill Donaldson, Bryn Dews, Mike Phelan, Stan Drozdetski, Krista Kennedy Groenwoldt, and Dave Donegan.


SCANA Corp. (Energy; US)

SCANA team members started with a unique problem: they had no additional budget. None at all. Yet, despite budgetary, technical, and organizational challenges, they still rose to the occasion, developing a site with a clear focus, interesting content, and useful navigation design. They showed what a team can do with a lot of creativity, some resourcefulness, and a good helping of problem solving. The result of the team's efforts is a well-designed, clutter-free site that serves its users well.

The SCANA team (from left to right, back row) Adam Youngblood, Eddie Flowers, Andrea Peterman, and Dean Keith; (front row) Don Rozier, Nicole Mclean, Christy Season, and Matt Reinhart; (not pictured) Therese Griffin, Troy Stockman, Carl Russell, Greg Dubose, and Keela Middleton.


Trend Micro, Inc. (Technology; Japan)

The Trend Micro intranet focuses on informing, engaging, and even rewarding employees. The site provides many opportunities for communication, interaction, and participation, creating a dynamic site that continues to engage users. It uniquely blends up-to-date executive communications, social networking tools, company news, and a points system that encourages participation into a single cohesive approach to enterprise communication.

The Trend Micro team (left to right): Soros Liu, Elita Chen, Joseph H. Lin, and Alzandy U. Tan.


URS Corporation (Engineering; US)

The URS team relied on user feedback to make sure the site emphasized the right information. A focus on people, not just work, is clear from the homepage and throughout the site. The team also included employees in the development and launch of the new site, easing the transition.

The URS Tampa, Florida team (left to right): Dan Ferner, Don Roberts, John Vaughan, Tom Lynch, Carol Justice, Joe Zinn, Linda Davis, Bill Frank, Sam Jivapong, Michael Wolf.

The URS New York team (from left): Sue Kilgannon, Andy Aparicio, Dave Tumminello, Bill Bain.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Retail; US)

Walmart listened when associates said they wanted a place where they could interact with one another. So, rather than build a traditional site, Walmart has built a successful social networking intranet. Instead of focusing on corporate information and allowing interaction among associates as a secondary goal, the team flipped their priorities and set out to build a social network that would convey corporate information while allowing and encouraging associates to build relationships, connect around shared passions, and share information with one another.

The mywalmart.com team (Top row, left to right): Beverly Litzinger, Russell Shaffer, Tim Dabney, Sandy Tang, Debbie Nowak, Donna Joyce; (middle row, left to right): Jessica Fredrickson, Terry Homesley, Suraya Bliss, Mona Williams, Alex Guynn; (bottom row, left to right) Sundance Trosper, Micah Laney, Ryan Travis, Ben Newton, Dana Reynolds.