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The Nielsen Norman Group 2000-2001 User Experience World Tour

March 31, 2001

See also:  program for our next usability conference .

Interviews with participants in each of the Tour cities about user exprience issues in their region:

United States

New York, New York , Nov. 13-15, 2000
Challenges Designing for the Web vs. Other Media

Chicago, Illinois , Nov. 16-18, 2000
When Management's Vision Doesn't Match Usability Needs

Austin, Texas , Jan. 7-9, 2001
A One-Man Band - Doing Everything in an Ever-Changing Environment

San Francisco, California , Jan. 17-19, 2001
Usability Real Time - Tips From Practicing Professionals

Seattle, Washington , Apr. 6-7, 2001
Is the Slowing Economy Helping or Hurting Usability?


London, England , Nov. 28-30, 2000
Websites on Handhelds and Interactive TV?

Munich, Germany , Dec. 3-5, 2000
Usability Consulting: Charging Ahead in Europe

Stockholm, Sweden , Dec. 6-8, 2000
Translation and Localization are Still Tough Problems


Tokyo, Japan , Feb. 18-20, 2001
Obstacles to Iteration in a Gadget-Driven Culture

Hong Kong, China , Feb. 21-23, 2001
Design and Usability Challenges in a Cultural Portal


Sydney, Australia , Feb. 28-March 2, 2001
Strategic Survivors Flourish Down Under

Keynote speakers: Bruce Tognazzini, Jakob Nielsen, Brenda Laurel, and (on floor) Don Norman

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Audience photo from London
The real star of the conference: the unprecedented number of accomplished user experience professionals who participated
(Question time during the London event, Drury Lane Theatre Royal)