Usability Week Courses

Usability Week offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training.

Application Design for Web and Desktop

Principles of application design, with an analysis of GUI screen components, workflows and varying types of users

  • Strategies for creating application workflows for various types of users
  • Techniques to optimize first time and ongoing task completion
  • Common mistakes to avoid in online and desktop application design
  • Design patterns that users expect and how they interpret these patterns

Complex Applications and Websites: Day 1

Interaction patterns and special user experience techniques for data-rich user interfaces

  • Identifying interaction design patterns geared toward managing large data sets and complex activities
  • Applying and managing interaction patterns in the design process
  • Design for the unique domain-expert user audience

Complex Applications and Websites: Day 2

More patterns, plus tactics for information architecture, visualizations, content, and user testing

  • Mapping domain-expert users’ conceptual models
  • Identifying and applying advanced interaction design patterns that support expert users
  • Employing interaction design patterns to expedite prototyping
  • Conducting user testing to identify usability issues and avoid “first use” data
  • Managing and organizing interaction design patterns
  • Tips to improve upon traditional design communication methods
  • How to apply your brand elements in data-rich environments