Mobile & Tablet Courses

Usability Week Courses

Usability Week offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training. Each course counts toward UX Certification.

Mobile User Experience

Essential UX design principles for small-screen websites and apps

  • Best practices for creating user-friendly mobile interfaces for phones, tablets, and smartwatches
  • Apps versus websites
  • Considerations for touchscreen designs

Scaling User Interfaces

Usability for responsive web design and other approaches to designing websites for multiple devices and screen sizes

  • Learn what’s important when adapting designs for different device sizes, screen sizes, input styles, output styles, and context of use.
  • What content makes sense? How should navigation change across different screens? What should be the same and what should be different?
  • Review design similarities and differences across platforms and analyze the usability of many popular responsive-design patterns.

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 1

Basic components and patterns of mobile design

  • Balance aesthetics with functionality to create an elegant and functional design
  • Visual design components for mobile design and applying them to your situations
  • Identifying visually-awkward design decisions and how to fix them

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 2

Advance into more challenging design solutions for mobile

  • Advanced visual design principles for mobile devices
  • Visual design and interaction patterns for common mobile experiences
  • Tips to differentiate your design from competitors