Interaction Design Courses

The UX Conference Courses

The UX Conference offers courses about a broad range of web and application design topics. Most courses are also available as in-house training. Each course counts toward UX Certification.

Effective Ideation Techniques for UX Design

Systematic methods for creative solutions to any UX design or redesign challenge

  • Understand how to improve the idea-generation phase of your UX design process
  • Practice a wide range of user-centered ideation techniques and learn how to adapt them for your team or project
  • Approach your design challenges with a fresh perspective

Interaction Design: 3-Day Course

UX pioneer Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini teaches principles, processes, and techniques of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

  • Get the confidence gained from having a solid foundation in every aspect of HCI whether you’re just arriving from graphic design, psychology, or another entry discipline, or started picking up HCI some time ago along the way.
  • Achieve a deep understanding of the entire life-cycle of design by actually experiencing it through five in-depth hands-on exercises
  • Practice the methodology Tog helped develop at Apple, still in use there today, that results in products that are smooth, exciting, and just simply work.
  • Get the knowledge you need of information theory, human psychology, physiology and other aspects of HCI science, you’ll be prepared to make intelligent, informed, and effective design decisions
  • Learn the trick to “selling” your designs with a minimal amount of stress and effort so you can spend your time doing the work you love. (Managers: This means your designer will be a lot more productive.)

Omnichannel Journeys and Customer Experience

Create a usable cross-channel experience, including the web, email, social media, phone, print, apps and online chat

  • Understand how customers interact with organizations through many channels and touch points
  • Discuss guidelines for creating fluid and holistic experiences as users engage on many channels
  • Learn how to research your omnichannel user experience and understand the typical customer journey for common tasks
  • Discuss common barriers for success and how to position your organization to overcome them

Facilitating UX Workshops

How to design and lead goal-based group exercises for collaborative gain

  • Learn how to design and facilitate UX workshops that produce insights to move your project forward
  • Build your skills and gain confidence in workshop facilitation
  • Take home new ideas for collaborative activities and learn how to design UX exercises for specific goals

Design Communication and Remote Collaboration

Establish shared values and a collaborative culture among a distributed team; create great products without being in the same building

  • Develop a set of shared team values, goals, and expectations
  • Learn how to foster team collaboration and camaraderie as if you were face to face
  • Leveraging best practices to have the most impact on your team

Generating Big Ideas from Needs Statements

Unearthing user pain points to drive breakthrough design concepts

  • Learn how to identify user pain points through as-is scenario mapping
  • Determine the user’s inefficiencies and pinpoint opportunities for improvement 
  • Leverage needs statements to generate transformational design concepts