In-House Training & UX Certification

In-house training courses can help build a unified focus and an understanding of UX approaches for your entire team.

UX Certification

UX Certification will help your team work toward a higher level of understanding and authority. Choose the best set of courses for your group, bring NN/g onsite to teach them, and assess learning with exams.

UX Courses

Many of the courses taught at our UX Conference training events can be taught at your location and customized to fit your unique offerings, methods and resources.

In-house training is ideal for:

  • Teams working on large projects that need to kick start the creative process and head in the right direction
  • Large teams that want to spread user experience perspective throughout the group

$11,000 USD per day (unlimited attendees). Customized courses may increase the cost. Travel expenses, if applicable, are extra. Prices are quoted for USA and Canada. For rates in other countries please contact us.

Full list of In-House Training Courses

Web UX

Web Page UX Design
Information Architecture
Navigation Design
Emerging Patterns for Web Design


Writing Compelling Digital Content ($2,000 higher fee, due to additional customization needs for this topic)

Mobile & Tablet

Mobile User Experience
Scaling User Interfaces
Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet Day 1
Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet Day 2


Ideation Techniques for UX Design
Usability Testing
Wireframing and Prototyping
Analytics and User Experience
Measuring User Experience
UX Deliverables
The One-Person UX Team Tool Box
Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs
Generating Big Ideas from Needs Statements
Personas: Turn User Data Into User-Centered Design
Ethnographic Studies

General UX Courses

UX Basic Training
Lean UX and Agile
The Human Mind and Usability
Application Design for Web & Desktop
Facilitating UX Workshops
Design Communication and Remote Collaboration
Interaction Design: 3-day course
User Interface Principles Every Designer Should Know

Specialized Topics & Strategy

Designing for Millennials (Young Adult Users, aged 18-25)
Omnichannel UX
Credibility and Persuasive Web Design
Intranet Design Trends and Best Practices
See also: Design Direction Workshop

Learning by Doing: Usability Testing

$25,000 USD

In this intensive 3-day workshop your team will work side-by-side with an NN/g expert to learn and understand how to do user testing, including:

  • Defining your target user profile
  • Creating usability test tasks
  • Preparing test participants and observers
  • Conducting and observing usability tests
  • Analyzing the results

After the workshop, your team will have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience conducting usability tests, and will have all the tools and skills to run tests on their own in the future. Plus you have the findings from a real, live usability study of your own website or other design project, which is used as the case study throughout the workshop.

Because of the hands-on nature of this course, it is best suited for a fairly small group of up to 10-12 people. (More can be accommodated if needed, but smaller is better in this case.) This course’s content is highly-variable based on the clients’ consulting needs. Thus, attending all 3 days counts for 1 day of UX Certification credit, and there is only 1 exam, which should be taken after all 3 days of the workshop.

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"The NN/g training was both instructional for inexperienced individuals and stimulating for more experienced people. I’m confident that the training will improve the user experience of our website." — Dave Scheirer, Manager, Interactive Marketing Strategy at Esri

"We work at a major research university and we're expected to base our work on data. Nielsen Norman Group introduced us to the concepts of usability testing and then trained our staff to implement those concepts. Their methods are based on rigorous research drawn from many fields of social and hard science. When we've adhered to the rules we learned from NNG, we've been successful. When we've veered away from those rules, not so much." — Steve Maravetz, Director of New Media at University of Iowa Health Care

"NN/g brought a vast amount of best practice advice and examples and taught our various campus representatives skills to write and lay out usable content…This allowed us to implement an effective small group to design and manage the academy web strategy, yet leverage the entire campus to create excellent, tested and usable content.  Thank you Nielsen Norman Group."— Scott Wade, Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) at The University of Montana Western