Call for Entries

Intranet Design Annual 2016: Year's 10 Best Intranets

The entry period for this year's competition has ended. Please consider entering next year. The call for entries will appear in April or May, 2016.

We are conducting the annual intranet design competition to identify the world's 10 best intranets. The top 10 winners will be announced in January 2016. 

Think you have a good intranet? Submit it for consideration for the the award. Previous years' winners received substantial publicity and recognition from being honored in the Design Annuals.

Eligible designs

Anything that runs inside a company and is not accessible on the public web, including:

  • Company-wide intranets
  • Department-specific intranets
  • Solutions to internal communications problems through intranet technology
  • Internal web-based applications
  • Extranets

Intranets in any language are welcome, though the description in the entry document should be in English. The intranet should be a functioning intranet, not a prototype or in the planning or design stages, at the time of the entry. 

Competition Opens:   Monday, May 11, 2015

Deadline for Entries:  Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Participation: There is no fee to enter. See the submission guidelines below.

We never disclose the names from any entries that do not win — only the top 10 will be in the report. Thus, this competition has no losers; only winners.

Winners will be notified in August 2015.

The Design Annual includes a comprehensive case study of each winning site. Thus, in August, all winning intranet teams must provide answers to a broad set of questions about their intranets, covering topics such as background, development, design, content and process. In addition to the written questions, we may also conduct phone interviews with your team.

Submission Guidelines

There are two parts to the initial submission:

  1. Information about the intranet project and people involved
  2. Screenshots of the intranet

We will publish a report with the screenshots from the winning intranets as well as the information about the project and design process. We also sometimes use the best screenshots in our conference presentations. Submit only material that you are willing to see published. The report will be read by tens of thousands of intranet professionals, so being published is a major PR opportunity for the winners, but the broad readership means that you should not submit any confidential information.

Part 1: Information

Please submit answers in a MS Word document. Provide the following information:

  1. Name of the organization using the intranet
  2. Location of organization's headquarters
  3. Name of the organization responsible for the design of the intranet (in-house, outside agency hired by the company, or a combination of the two?)
  4. Contact name, email address, mailing address and telephone number (used to clarify any questions and notify winners)
  5. Brief description (less than 100 words) of the organization using the intranet, and if applicable, a short description of the agency that designed the intranet
  6. Short description (300–500 words) of the intranet. Please include:
    • Goal of the intranet
    • Basic features and description of user tasks the site supports
    • Types of users the site supports and kinds of work they do
    • Approximate number of users the site supports and their geographic locations
  7. Brief description of what makes your intranet particularly interesting or usable. What makes your intranet stand out? What makes you proud of your site? What are the biggest successes on your intranet?
  8. A list of all screenshots and a brief description of each (see part 2 of submission below)

Part 2: Screenshots

Submit at least 6 and no more than 12 screenshots of the intranet. Include some of the following, as appropriate:

  1. Homepage (required)
  2. Top-level navigation
  3. Employee profile page
  4. Form or data entry area
  5. Page about a particular team or department
  6. Content-level page with interesting or helpful information
  7. Role-based (personalized) page, menu, or area (if available)
  8. Examples of interesting, well-designed or innovative designs, content or features (what is special about your site)
  9. Mobile view of the intranet (if available)
  10. Social features (if available)
  11. If possible, submit a few screenshots of the site before you made changes to improve user experience. (We will only score the current design, but knowing where it came from helps us understand its benefits.)

Screenshot instructions:

  • Take full-page images: Show each scrolling screen in its entirety from top to bottom in a single file image. Do this for each screen you provide with your submission. Also provide full-page screenshots of mobile or tablet editions.
  • Crop images to show only the site (not the browser window and controls).
  • Save in PNG format.
  • Save as separate files (NOT in a document or presentation).
  • Describe each image in the Information document (see Part 1).
  • Do NOT put callouts or captions on the screenshots. Place all descriptive text in the Information document.
  • If text in the screenshots is not in English, please also include in the Word document (not annotated in the screen shots, please) an explanation of what the screens say. A full translation is not necessary, but please do translate all important features and elements, such as the top-level navigation, and page section titles.)

Name each file using the following convention:


## is a serial number incremented by 1 for each screenshot. And all screenshots from the current site would end with “live.”
For example, if your company name is ACME, and you submit a screenshot of the homepage on the live intranet site, and two screenshots of previous versions of the design, you would save these in three separate graphic files, and name them this:

  • Acme_01_home_live.png
  • Acme_02_home_version1.png
  • Acme_03_home_version2.png

Send us only screenshots that can be reproduced in the report if you win. Please replace any confidential information from the screenshots with fake text or blur sensitive sections.

Join our elite group of winners!

The entry period for this year's competition has ended. Please consider entering next year. The call for entries will appear in April or May 2016 along with submission instructions.

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