E-commerce Research Reports

E-Commerce User Experience

Improve your customers’ online shopping experience with 884 recommendations (in 13 volumes) illustrated with 1,710 screenshots. Buy individual reports, or save 58% when you purchase all 13 volumes together.

Vol. 01: User Behavior, Key Findings and Executive Summary for the Series
Vol. 02: Homepages and Category Pages
Vol. 03: Product Pages
Vol. 04: Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration
Vol. 05: Search (Including Faceted Search)
Vol. 06: Customer Service
Vol. 07: Selling Strategies
Vol. 08: Wishlists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving
Vol. 09: Trust and Credibility
Vol. 10: International Purchasers
Vol. 11: Store Finders and Locators
Vol. 12: Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages
Vol. 13: User Research Methodology

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