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2016 Intranet Design Annual

This 498-page report represents the best-practice case studies of the year's 10 best intranets. Take a look at innovative ideas and solutions that you can use for inspiration.

Intranet Usability Guidelines: Findings from User Testing of 42 Intranets

Increase employee intranet usage and productivity by following these 782 design and management guidelines (in 9 volumes) based on behavioral research with 42 different intranets from around the world. Save 48% when you purchase all 9 volumes together.

Vol. 01: Research Overview and How to Run Your Own Studies
Vol. 02: Accessing the Intranet: Address, Homepage, and Personalization
Vol. 03: HR Benefits, Forms, and Employee Self-Service Features
Vol. 04: Communications: News, Newsletters, and Social Features
Vol. 05: Information about People, Teams, Departments, and the Company (Incl. Corporate Policies)
Vol. 06: Searching the Intranet and the Employee Directory
Vol. 07: Navigation and Page Layout
Vol. 08: Content Management and Supporting Multiple Locations and Languages
Vol. 09: Managing the Intranet and Teams

Mobile Intranets and Enterprise Apps

This 237-page, illustrated report provides case studies and survey feedback from more than 200 designers creating mobile-optimized enterprise apps and intranet content. It covers responsive web designs, mobile websites, mobile web apps, and native apps.

Best Small Organization Intranets 2010-2015

This 409-page report features 12 detailed case studies of the best intranets at small companies (fewer than 2,000 employees) since 2010. Even an organization with few employees and a small intranet team can create a winning design that truly benefits the whole company.

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