Topic: Corporate Websites

An FAQ’s User Experience Deconstructed

January 25, 2015

Good FAQ pages use legible typography, chunking, appropriate spacing, easy navigation to individual questions, and reflect the current questions of the site users.

FAQs Still Deliver Great Value

December 21, 2014

A usable website FAQ can improve products, services, information, and user experience as part of your knowledge management process.

Avoid Format-Based Primary Navigation

June 8, 2014

Format-based navigation, such as links to Videos, at the top levels of a website’s information architecture lacks sufficient context and information scent for topic-focused users.

Corporate Blogs: Front Page Structure

August 9, 2010

Showing summaries of many articles is more likely to draw in users than providing full articles, which can quickly exhaust reader interest.

Investor Relations (IR) on Corporate Websites

May 25, 2009

Individual investors are intimidated by overly complex IR sites and need simple summaries of financial data. Both individual and professional investors want the company's own story and investment vision.

Press Area Usability

January 20, 2009

As 3 studies of journalists show, they use the Web as a major research tool, exhibit high search dominance, and are impatient with bloated sites that don't serve their needs or list a PR contact.

Why Journalists Leave Websites

January 19, 2009

22 case studies of failed PR information on corporate websites, with examples of when journalists decided to leave a site during story research.

"About Us" Information on Websites

September 29, 2008

Over the past 5 years the usability of corporate sites' About Us information improved by 9%. But companies and organizations still can't explain what they do in one paragraph.

PR on Websites: Increasing Usability

March 10, 2003

Compared with a similar 2001 study, a new study of journalists as they looked for information on corporate websites' PR areas showed significant usability improvements: a 5% higher success rate and 15% increased guidelines compliance.

Corporate Websites Get a 'D' in PR

April 1, 2001

Corporations spend millions on PR, and yet the press sections of their websites often fail to meet journalists' most basic information needs. In our recent usability study, journalists found answers to only 68% of their questions across a range of corporate sites.