Topic: B2B Websites

B2B vs. B2C Websites: Key UX Differences

May 29, 2016

B2B sites must help both end users and decision makers. Include price, specifications, compatibility information, and be relevant to all targeted verticals.

Avoid Format-Based Primary Navigation

June 8, 2014

Format-based navigation, such as links to Videos, at the top levels of a website’s information architecture lacks sufficient context and information scent for topic-focused users.

"About Us" Information on Websites

September 29, 2008

Over the past 5 years the usability of corporate sites' About Us information improved by 9%. But companies and organizations still can't explain what they do in one paragraph.

B2B Usability

June 1, 2006

User testing shows that business-to-business websites have substantially lower usability than mainstream consumer sites. If they want to convert more prospects into leads, B2B sites should follow more guidelines and make it easier for prospects to research their offerings.

Show Prices for Common Scenarios

April 10, 2006

B2B sites often have overly complex pricing structures or can't show prices at all. To help prospects with early research, list representative cases and their prices.

B2B: Help Your Fans Convince Their Bosses

April 26, 2004

B2B websites must support a more complex buying process than B2C sites. Three key goals are to make a buyer's shortlist, offer a downloadable advocacy kit, and build a reputation for great service.

Corporate Websites Get a 'D' in PR

April 1, 2001

Corporations spend millions on PR, and yet the press sections of their websites often fail to meet journalists' most basic information needs. In our recent usability study, journalists found answers to only 68% of their questions across a range of corporate sites.