Topic: International Users

Why Country Sites Are So Bad

June 18, 2012

When a multinational company produces a localized country site, usability is often lost. Local advertising agencies design good-looking sites that don't communicate.

International Sites: Minimum Requirements

August 8, 2005

Users from other countries have special needs related to entry fields for names and addresses, measurements and dates, and information about regional product standards.

International Web Usability

August 1, 1996

The unprecedented international exposure afforded by the Web increases the designer's responsibility for ensuring international usability. Because of the myriad of issues in international usability, I recommend doing international usability testing with users from a few countries in different parts of the world. No guidelines yet published are sufficiently complete to guarantee perfect international usability, so an empirical reality check is always preferred.

International Usability Testing

January 1, 1996

When working on a product intended for use abroad your best bet is to conduct international usability testing. You may need to engage a translator or even a local usability consultant, depending on the complexity of the test.